PIX A BOX by chawinchantra

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #6896
Chawin Chantharasuphit
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

PIX A BOX  (Top left text)

The Bauhaus core approach focuses on blending art and technology together. The idea was to take this approach and reinterpret it. Begin by questioning with the program if the Bauhaus when 100 years ago was associated with technology in that era, where it was an industry, what should the Bauhaus in today be associated with?

Technology In this era is the digital age. The advent of the internet and the constant evolution of technology changed the world. Construction,materials, and architectural perspectives was completely different from the time that the Bauhaus formed.

And in the present world in which we are evolving and changing to accommodate the situation and a new function in the space that will occur in the future. Thus allowing this architecture to be adaptable to functional areas as well, including sustainability idea. That will help promote this building to cope with the future.


Conceptual (Top right  text)

The work is reinterpreted from Walter Gropius’ quote, “Art & Technology – A New Unity” keeping the original point in mind. But show that What if this concept was used today?

This work paraphrased the current Art with free form. Because today’s society has opened up the way of thinking works in art and architecture are free of thought. Unlike the Bauhaus 100 years ago, they had to fight the opposition.

Technology in today’s digital era, This project is inspired by the merging of pixels that come together and become a display of the screen. Expressed in architecture by using it as a box that has been continued to become an architecture.

It is also linked to the original Bauhaus Building by using some of the elements of that building. By placing it on the side of the road that was connected with the original building.


The box and Modular system  (Middle right text)

Materials that are assembled together to complete the box. Use wood and polycarbonate plate, size 50 × 100 cm. What’s this box about the digital concept?

Digital has come out since the beginning of the work. This design requires a computer to work in order to be able to form this form, all the way to the construction site requires construction technology.


Sustainable & Adaptable  (Bottom right text)

In terms of materials used in the work are sustainable. The wood is replantable, whereas the Polycarbonate is as a tool to build lighter, and less dense structures in architecture that reduces construction costs.

And parts of function Nowadays, the use of that space are constantly changing. So we made arrangements for that change. The space can be adjusted according to the needs by partition inside of the construction method designed to be able to be disassembled continuously.

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