Performatic Machine by CCMM

This project was awarded the First Prize by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2268
Alejandro Cuadro
FADU, UdelaR
Romina Mangini
FADU, UdelaR


The Campus is not simply a building, it is an urban complex that cannot work in isolation from the city, on the contrary, it must be part of it and give Dessau new spaces for collective enjoyment.

01.Urban situation
The building is in between of the original school and the Bauhaus museum. At the same time, it is a short distance from the train station and large facilities. The nearby environment is characterized by low buildings. In this way, the train tracks and the shape of the plot are the strongest elements that determine the implantation.

The given plot and the land with which it adjoins are an urban void. The project generates a unique piece divided into two large areas, one with a recreational character and the other with an institutional character. The entire complex is subdivided into programmatic sections, taking into account certain pre-existence and traces inherent to the site.

The building is positioned parallel to the train tracks. To give more public space it reduces its footprint by arranging the entire program vertically. It is configured as a large screen that faces the city on the one hand and the railway infrastructures on the other. The ground floor is largely freed to create a covered public space.

04.Adding program
Apart from the suggested program, additional uses are incorporated into the building that give it a more public, performatic and autonomous character. From a small urban farm to sports facilities for public use is added to the building, allowing it to serve the entire city of Dessaou.

The building is thought of as a self-sustaining entity, which generates its own energy, through wind generators, collects water to use on the farm, allowing it to self-supply with food. At the same time the facades are protected with exterior curtains, providing thermal and light protection, while generating dynamism.

06.Neutral structure, resilient facade
The project proposes a structure that allows a flexible use of space, a large lattice beam from which everything hangs. As a counterpoint, the facade is proposed as a particular element to the current uses of the building, responding to the needs of the interior and communicating to the outside. Both generate the image of the building.


07.Generic space, Specific gadgets
The building is a large frame, a stage with spaces that are wide and tall that are open to the interpretation and intervention of the different users and the possible uses that they give it, as a counterpoint to these neutral spaces, specific artifacts are proposed that activate particular activities to this program.

A.Sleeping pod
Small habitable modules that move within a neutral space and are placed in the position that the user wishes.

B.Performatic seats
Elevating seating system that gives the multipurpose space flexibility, in minutes the space goes from being a 300-seat room to a large free space for various activities.

C.Bridge crane
Large crane that supports the activities of the workshop allowing to grasp large weights and to maneuver various materials.

D.Class module
Back-up module for school classes that separates the different classrooms. The element can be moved expanding or contracting the classrooms providing flexibility to use.

E.Event bubble
Multipurpose space open to different situations. A large inflatable plastic bubble that allows expanding the environment (literally) if necessary. It can be used for exhibitions, events, conferences, etc.

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