Pauhaus by 5tudio

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4416
Nona Linnanmäki
Aune Nieminen
Jaakko Hippinen
Tiina Marika Hietanen
Sanna Lehti


Finnish, noun. a loud noise, a thunder, a rumble

The idea behind this project was to create encounters in every possible situation while keeping the structure of the campus simple and the spaces somewhat separate. The buildings are situated in a piazza-like form to enable free movement across the campus. By doing this, we create communiality not only between the students and people working on the campus, but with the visitors too. A lot of the action happens in the in-between spaces. Change or even a revolution never started with a whisper but with strong voices and big crowds, hence the name “Pauhaus”. Our group consists of five young architects, and this is our first intervention. We came here to make noise, to make a bang, to make a “pauhaus”. 

In the heart of the campus is a park that invites bypassers to stay and to explore. Openness is also highlighted with the main building and its facade that are designed especially with visitors in mind. The glass facade even acts as a display window for the railroad passengers. 

It is not impossible to move forwards and thrive if one does not remember their roots. This is why we also wanted to pay a tribute to the original Bauhaus. The simple, elegant form of the buildings and the glass facades nod to the original concepts of Bauhaus, so that people on the campus can remember where it all started. Each building is also named after one Bauhaus pioneer and the name of the outdoor area refers to the original location of Bauhaus school. 

Kandinsky – the main building 

The exhibition area, hallway and cafeteria all in the same space. This building is mainly designed for visitors, but we wanted to create reciprocity especially between the visitors and the students. It is easy to connect, when the exhibition area introduces work done by students. At the same time we want to invite students to grab a cup of coffee and possibly meet visitors at the same time. The view from the cafeteria opens toward the exhibition space. The building is majestic and tall and it acts as a new land mark to Dessau and a window to the world of modern architecture.

Itten – auditorium and small classrooms

After the lectures or events held in the auditorium, it is possible to retreat in a smaller classroom to reflect or study alone. The other corner is lifted, and it works as a figurehead for the passengers coming from the railway station welcoming them to the campus.


Meyer – workshops and bigger classrooms

The bigger classrooms are located here and they are meant for bigger crowds. Their purpose is to encourage people to converse with anyone who wants to attend. The workshops have long tables with individual workstations with the idea of creating a real “buzz”. It is possible to work on an individual project yet discuss and ask for help at the same time.

Anni & Josef Albers – The dorms with room for love and intimacy. That is why the buildings seem to hug each other. We wanted to bring the people living here together with the less familiar faces only visiting the campus for a shorter period of time by creating a lot of communal spaces. The green roofs are connected together and create a space for intimate and private outdoor experiences. They are also suitable for e.g. football.

Weimar – The outdoor area/park intersects with every other space. We wanted to bring as much nature and organic “materials” to the campus area so that the existing infrastructure and solutions would not interfere with ongoing design work. The park is a place for relaxing and spontaneous encounters.

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