New Bauhaus Campus by THUARC3x7

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2485
Luo Da Yu
Tunghai University
Lee Yang Cheng
Tunghai University
Shih Ping Chun
Tunghai University
Lee I Tsung
Tunghai University
Li Chieh
Tunghai University
Lin Bo Yan
Tunghai University
Chi Wei Zhe
Tunghai University

New Bauhaus Campus


The Triangle, Rectangle, Hill enclose two open space.


To the city: As Dessau’s backyard, a welcoming terrain face to the city. Two main entrance, one connect to the Dessau train station at north side, another is an open tunnel pass through the terrain, extend to the discussion area and end at factory. Exhibit the daily working scenario to citizen.


An outdoor wide staircase, some function-completed studio boxes, independent dormitory, construct the main building shape which is triangle, rectangle, square.


Between the triangle and rectangle is a discussion area, suit for everyone including citizen.


The triangle framework system contents some daily live style programs including cafeteria, library, and the rectangle volume contents including exhibition, studio, personal seat, hall, office.  The solid boxes enclosed by transparent envelope, take contrast with the boxes integrate in the frame work, to differentiate the characteristic between work and live


The hall combine with auditorium, a series of continuous ramp connect to top floor.


All the circulation system is for the interaction between art craft made by students and native.

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