Neue Bauhaus by Michal Deja

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1641
Michal Deja
Michał Deja
Politechnika Gdańska

A hundred years later and the world has once again undergone fundamental changes as the result of the digital revolution. We experienced radical shifts in society and technology which left the individuals wanting to make more sense of the rapidly evolving world. Bauhaus masters understood that the architecture ought to serve as a common denominator – bringing simplicity to the complicated reality. It is now incumbent upon our generation to determine which traits of the expansive digital civilization are the enduring values, and as such deserve to be carefully preserved.

This calls for a New Bauhaus – a creative, experimental incubator for designing the spaces for tomorrow.

As foreseen by Gropius, such a result cannot be achieved alone – only by working together can solutions be found that transcend the limitations of the individual. Formally, it entails creating a new format for education focused on multifaceted collaboration.


  • Auditorium’s underside forms a canopied entrance.
  • Stepped pond doubles as a reservoir during storms, and an amphitheatre during droughts.
  • Collaborative hub of the main form becomes an exhibition space during biennale.

Mass Timber

  • Carbon sequestrating technology
  • Local CLT manufacturers and sustainable forestry in Germany
  • Prefabrication for quick assembly and material passport
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