EMBRACE by shaperxb

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2092
Zining Qiu
Nanchang University

Today, when the Bauhaus has long been a landmark in the design world, the new Bauhaus School needs to show its design spirit and principles in a more open and inclusive manner, which embraces the students, the citizens, and the city’s passersby. At once a place for Bauhaus teachers and students to revel in and an urban public space where anyone can participate, it will become one of the most chaotic yet engaging art districts, both lively and imaginative.
The open sunken plaza and exhibition halls will provide ample public space that any organization, including Bauhaus students, can rent from the Bauhaus for a fashion show, film festival, concert, or other large event.The circular interior space will provide a private but public place for faculty and students to teach, have a barbecue, hold a building event, etc.

Since the former Bauhaus school building is triangular in shape and the Bauhaus Museum is rectangular in shape, the designers first constructed a circular volume to form the three basic shapes with the original Bauhaus building. At the same time, since the surrounding buildings are distributed in ring, the designer constructs a ring based on the circle to integrate into the surrounding urban fabric.
By placing an open sunken theater, underground exhibition hall and lifting the two wings of the building, the designers blurred the boundary between the internal space of the building and the public space of the city, creating a sunken plaza that embraces the public. The teaching and living areas are set in the circular volume upstairs, so that the visitors and Bauhaus students are separated, allowing visitors to engage in activities without interfering with the Bauhaus teaching, while the Bauhaus students can manage, observe and participate in the public space downstairs.

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