EDUCATION GREEN SPACE by Quattuor Thinkers

This project was selected as a Finalist by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2958
Quattuor Thinkers
Pedro Eduardo Criollo Saavedra
Universidad de Piura (UDEP)
Miluska Silvana Martinez Peña
Universidad de Piura (UDEP)
María Victoria Solsol Zapata
Universidad de Piura (UDEP)
Lorena Alexandra Benites Gallardo
Universidad de Piura (UDEP)

This design responds to the needs of spatiality, lighting, form, program and place where it is located.
The concept consists of two large blocks with large interior space as a route and large connecting platforms with green terraces.

The project marks your entrance with an almost ceremonial tour. It is born from the entrance and passes through the entire building, generating a glorious inner vitality. In addition to providing permeability, obtaining more lighting for interior spaces.

This central space with a lot of vegetation along with the green terraces, envelop the building with good thermal comfort, allowing good development within the campus.
The first floor consists of public areas such as exhibition area and workshops. Just as the building is permeable, these areas inside are distributed using well-located furniture that provides great freedom and mobility to users.
On the second floor, we find the floating bridges leaving a lot of shade under them, and above with a large green terrace. One of them is the auditorium, large and glazed with a great view on one side towards nature and on the other to the large inner courtyard.
The other platform is a connection space where users appropriate it.
We also have the classroom area.

Finally, the residence on the third level has group bedrooms of 5 people, with the necessary equipment, and 11 large single bedrooms. All of them have views of nature.

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