Earthly boat by Nomadas sin ciudad

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2360
Nomadas sin ciudad
Carmen Romero Vizoso
Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia (CESUGA)

All of us feel lost at times, as if we were a drifting ship that is floating without knowing where to go.
It may be because we have to take a difficult decision, we are alone in a new place or we just feel overwhelmed but the fact is that we need to look for a lighthouse that shows us the way forward.

Sometimes this lighthouse is a person, other times is a hunch and, maybe, even a building. This is what gives the project name and life: earthly boat, an idea about a building materialised in the form of a ship that is anchored to the ground and tries to be a refuge that will always be there for those who want to come inside it. The boat-like building wants to be as sincere as its intention, so it has the structure in sight, composed of frames and decks like those of the ships that saved the lives of so many lost sailors.

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