DISPERSION by maaaguilarma

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2900
Juan Esteban Cano López
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Evelyn Yuliana Guerrero Chicaiza
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Mateo Alejandro Aguilar Marín
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
David Arturo Castañeda Pinzón
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Juan Camilo Molina Cañón
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Pablo Betancur Carvajal
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Anderson Germán Pantoja Rosero
Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Dispersed architecture, an urban project that contains a program and interacts with it, paths and interior spaces that are transformed according to needs. A classroom that can be a workshop, a workshop that can become an exhibition, among others.


Understand how the new challenges of the discipline and it´s teaching require a mutable, changing, dynamic and enduring architecture over time.


Modular architecture as a fundamental element, the hexagon shape that allows a better use of the spaces as they are unified and form better conections and relations with the public space.


Spaces that change and transformed to accept new and diverse activities, that adapt to the times and connect the physical space with the virtual one.


Contrasting interior and exterior spaces, different, but unifiable, allow a different interaction between what is a classroom or a workshop, with a public space surrounding them.


The exhibition as an element that connects and changes, which is distributed all around the project and advocates for the experience of the architecture and public space through walks.


The creation of courtyards between the modules that respond to their activities, which accompany the program and allow the space to expand so it could be used without having to consider it as a built area.


A project that can moves, is not static, is always growing, seeks to resemble current dynamics, can dilute the limits and build mixtures, centers and poly centers.


It can be expanded in an organized and feasible way thanks to a modular network with a hexagonal shape that extends throughout the space.


Each module contains a program that is linked to his environment and other modules, it seeks to generate a mixture between the sets, they are small fragments scattered throughout the batch, which make the program connect in endless ways inside and with the outside.


Each module contains a perimeter that integrates with the circulation of the project which is characterized by being flexible

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