CREATING MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS by Camila Bogado Leguizamon - Paraguay

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2163
Camila Bogado Leguizamon - Paraguay
Camila Viviana Bogado Leguizamon
Univesidad Nacional de Asuncion - Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y Arte

Architecture has an incredible way of influencing human interactions, creating emotions and inspiring ideas. It is the objective of this project, to create an unique experience for the user without losing the essence of Walter Groppius.
With this in mind, the central aspect of this campus was the creation of interconnected blocks raised off the ground, with a large central space following the shape of the site.
The layout invites the user to tour the building and be inspired by integrated spaces with unique forms of art and design that trigger curiosity, conversations and ideas.
Innovative modular tables were also created for the classrooms, creating a polyvalent space. The elevated blocks create all sorts of practical daily uses and provide optimal air flow. The use of bricks provide natural lighting and shadow play.


Inserted in a flat ground.


Placed continuously following the shape of the space.


The wind flows naturally under the blocks.


1 Bathrooms

2 Cafeteria

3 Ramp stairs

4 Open space

5 Workshops

6 Classes


8 Exhibition space

9 Auditorium

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