Campus As Canvas by Design Seal

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2908
Design Seal
Jae sik Park
Pusan National University
Ju young Choi
Pusan National University
yong won Jo
Pusan National University
Eun jung Shin
Pusan National University

Campus As Canvas

Bauhaus campus is a new world for students dreaming in a perfect world.
They live in the campus and work freely on a canvas.


The Bauhaus students dreamed and worked fiercely for a perfect world and architecture 100 years ago. They were heroes and heroines who directly responded and acted in previous world.
Also, 21C Bauhaus students are heroes and heroines moving toward the perfect world and architecture in this dynamic world.

In their “campus” space of the present, six buildings of “exhibitions”, “work”, and “life” are built on a diagonal axis to city axis. Then, it becomes a completely new world, where view and moving are completely different from those around them.

In addition, the empty space of the “campus” becomes a “canvas” and their scattered creations are grazed on the canvas. They are students’ exhibitions, the process of their work, and the progress of their lives filling the campus year by year.


  • Gallery – Suddenly recognize that we are just in Bauhaus Axis, changed from City Axis.
  • Class – Under the cloud-shaped private space stiring up imaginations, communicate free.
  • Dormitory – Commuicate with precedents’ horizontally, while present works vertically.
  • Auditorium – See sky-included frame from lower floor level.
  • Workshops – Misaligned two walls carrying slopes share light but block sounds.
  • Cafeteria – Able to see precedent works from past, agonizing over present ourselves.
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