bauhaus universal school of design by Wastu Citra

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1988
Wastu Citra
Mohammad Ilham Akbar
Institut Teknologi Bandung

architecture can only embrace society and solve its most pressing problems when more of society embrace architecture. “architects must be a mirror of the rich human tapestry we serve.” -Elizabeth Chu, 91st President of the American Institute of Architects

“it is undesirable to talk to building users, they’re intellectually undeveloped.” -Gropius. bauhaus questioned: visionary or exclusionary?

ability gap

never included on AIA / Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) diversity reports

male – female gap*

architecture graduates

licensed architects

white – minority gap*

population architects

13% 6.3% black

18.5% 8.5% latinx

diversjty in architecture benefits business and the whole society

architecture’s role in the business of access consultancy

insights on transit mobility & information perception

gender balanced companies perform 15% better

statistically more likely to design sustainably

ethnically diverse companies perform 35% better

insights on design that fosters unity in conflict

bauhaus universal school of design seeks to be a melting pot of architecture students & practicioners of all ability, gender, & race through redefining bauhaus with universal design principles:

1 equitable use

2 flexible use

3 simple & intuitive use

4 perceptible information

5 tolerance for error

6 low physical effort

7 size/space for approach & use

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