Bauhaus Triangular Campus by T.T

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4359
Tamar Tsulukidze
Tbilisi State Academy of Art

The composition is based on Triangular numbers Philosophy. We know that they are infinite but the sum of infinite triangle sum is always whole-number. This is How I see New Bauhaus Education center infinite Improvement, but the result of the education is visible and perceivable. Each Part of the Plan function is built in a Triangular number-shaped Triangle. They come together in harmony. I see the architecture future in Science and New Technology.

The interesting thing about the planning system is the location of the stairs. If the person wants to go to the roof of the workshop and dormitory, one has to get out of the building. Otherwise, a person will not be able to get onto the roof of the building. But in the classes, you have the help of the lectures, so that the vertical connection is within the rooms, but here too the stairs are in glass and visually switch off the whole building. There are no stairs in the gallery, just a ramp. Because the gallery itself is the highest part of the human lifestyle. So the main idea here is motivation and the desire to overcome yourself and do it even better.

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