Bauhaus – space of infinite creativity by BauhausSlovenia

This project was awarded the Second Prize by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #1827
Tamara Nunčič
Faculty of architecture, University of Ljubljana
Iva Živković
Faculty of architecture, University of Ljubljana
Davor Žebovec
Faculty of architecture, University of Ljubljana

New Bauhaus campus is a place for all students, who chose to learn and study art. Not just architecture, but painting, sculpting, illustrating, and many more. We designed a large fluid space that offers their students an environment in which they can learn, develop, live, interact and enjoy student life.
Our main purpose was to enable interaction between all faculty members. There is no superiority among students, nor among students and professors. Everyone can approach anybody, and learn from each other. 

We placed our campus in a green environment, and returned, what we took from nature, with a green roof, and big sunny atriums that are the heart of our design.
We invite the citizens to enjoy our idea, by giving them a wide avenue, that can be used for bicycling and walking. They can grab a coffee or lunch, see an exhibition or learn a new craft in the workshop.  And on a warm summer evening, the faculty can host exhibitions or concerts in the open. 

There are two studios, that have a separate entrance. They are positioned on the top of the location so that every delivery of the material is easily reached. Every art program has its own space. They are visually separated by dividing elements. This is an open ‘‘closet’’. It contains one smaller cabinet for professors, some space for storage, a sink, and a bathroom. Interaction between different programs is encouraged. Some additional shelter can be provided by curtains and panels for privacy if there is ever needed one. The studio can also expand on the hallway or merge with another studio.

There is one bigger relax/ student room and several other, smaller ones spread through the faculty.

The hallways of the faculty, studios, and the avenue can be used for a display of students’ work. But in addition, there is also a separate exhibition space. It is designed in the center of the building, with the main entrance. So, it is easily reached by the visitors. The exhibition space is designed as a circular path, that elevates on two different levels. Enables visitors to see the exhibition from different points of view.

There are two lecture halls also positioned in the center. If we separate the dividing wall, it can be used as an auditorium.

The library is an open space that storage books. Bookshelves can be turned or moved around.   Books are also everywhere in the faculty, free for people to read them as much as they would like.
In a separate building, there is a separate entrance for the student dormitory, cafeteria, cafe, and startup area. Startup environment supports students to start working in their field and put their designs on the market.

The dormitory is lifted above the ground, so it provides privacy and shelter.
It contains a launderette, student rooms, and apartments. The hallway is very wide, so it can be used for socializing. There are two sizes of apartments, one for four students and an apartment for two/one guest. The program is combined and merged together so that there is no superiority between guests and students.
There is a view over the city, atriums and green roof.

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