bauhaus: renewal by SPB

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2740
Khairunnisa Rahmaditia Adita
Queensland University of Technology
Farah Yumna
Queensland University of Technology
Muhammad Kemal Haqqy
Universitas Indonesia
Nathania Adella
Universitas Indonesia

BAUHAUS: renewal is a proposed design to bring back bauhaus to 21st century with fresh ideas and sustainable technologies that values community learning of achitecture of today.

Located at Dessau, historicaly the site have deep connection to Bauhaus in 1925. Being close to city park and train station, the site is ideal to allow students and global audience to visit and experience Bauhaus once again. Due to the climate, the site can maximize the heat of summer days for winter days with built-in sustainable tehnology.

Starting with hexagon, the theme of buildings in this proposed design are to have a modular spaces. By filling in the core of the hexagon as main activity and circulation, the spaces in the proposed design are to enhance community engagement within the renewed Bauhaus.

Having a unique lot shape, the proposed design is to maximize the available pedestrian access from both side of Dessau. Starting with creating a main pathway spread across West to East side of the site, the proposed design is to exhibit the beauty of architecture of bauhaus. Having near to train station, the dorm is to set at the North side, and main studying and self-development activites on the South side. The main pathway also acts as the direct connector between buildings.

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