Bauhaus-ing the Bauhaus- A new campus for a new generation by RVCA

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #4444
Namrata Dewanjee
RV College of Architecture
Anwesha Saha
RV College of Architecture
Niharika K
RV College of Architecture
Alankreeta Bharali
RV College of Architecture

“Each age demands its own form”, the Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer wrote in his 1926 essay, “The New World.” The existing Bauhaus campus was a symbol of modernism and post-World War I architecture with its concrete, steel and curtain glass structure. The new campus seeks to bring the fun back in architecture– a stark contrast to the sombre post-war approach.

The architectural language takes inspiration from Kandinsky’s theories of shape and colour, and pays respect to the bold graffiti in the surroundings.
The campus is inclusive and human-centric, and can accommodate the ever-expanding umbrella of artforms.
The ramp acts as a skywalk connecting the buildings on the campus at various levels.

A 40m high spire acts as a marker to the site, giving the people a view of Dessau and its iconic buildings.
The underground archives and gallery address the need for documentation and display of sensitive artwork.


50 single sharing 12sqm dorm rooms arranged in a cluster covered by a glass roof.

The campus is kept relatively flat for the ease of movement by the differently abled.

The white translucent compound wall contains slits and slots of varying sizes- breaking the facade of modernism at a human scale.

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