BAUHAUS CAMPUS 2021 by 8Architects UT

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1525
8Architects UT
Juan Diego Jaramillo Polanco
Universidad de Tolima
Lyda Johanna Prada Lozano
Universidad de Tolima
Danna Yuliana Rojas Mateus
Universidad de Tolima
Esteban Alberto Calderon Cruz
Universidad de Tolima
Juan Jose Sandoval Henao
Universidad de Tolima
Santiago Alvarado Morales
Universidad de Tolima
Loidy Hadit Muñoz Polanco
Universidad de Tolima
Samuel Felipe Sanchez Varon
Universidad de Tolima

The new Bauhaus building designed by the Architektur group takes into consideration the main design factors of the school, such as the purity of form and the interaction of the interior with the exterior, producing different effects through the lighting and shadows reflected in the spaces. At the same time, a contrast between colors and materiality was proposed, integrated in a subtle way by the use of monochromatic and primary colors, implemented in the panels to denote different functions in the spaces.

For the volumetric configuration, the design was delimited through the main roads of the environment, the volumes are clearly sectioned and zoned according to the established function, the red color represents the social space, the blue represents the private space of the students and the yellow represents the mixed-use space. On the other hand, circulation was taken into account as an articulating element that connects all the volumes through central axes denoted by a translucent cover that allows light to enter.

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