Bauhaus 2021 – Collective Learning at Dessau by dgarquitectura

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2511
Gabriela Jaramillo
Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Domenica Arias
Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Bauhaus 2021

Collective learning at Dessau

The project seeks to join the Bauhaus 2021 and the Dessau’s community. It will be a welcoming place where the interaction between students, their projects and the population is paramount.

The project aims to create a link between the Bauhaus 2021 and the Dessau’s community since the Bauhaus of 1919 was a closed society that did not have any kind of relationship with the culture and the people of that time. Consequently, the community did not get involved in this artistic movement, which is so important for history.
Experience, sensory perception, and thinking are the 3 cognitive processes that allow the acquisition of knowledge. A direct relationship was stablished between these processes and the 3 main areas of the project: educational, cultural, and residential. The volumetric composition was developed as an association of each cognitive process with a main zone of the project. Therefore, the campus develops as a cultural center that promotes a social and educational experience. Its main purpose is to link the citizens of Dessau with the students of the campus. As a result, the collective learning is encouraged. The campus will become a place where everyone will be able to see, understand and be an integral part of the projects and ideologies of the Bauhaus 2021.


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