BAUHAUS 2021 by Truite

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #1976
Rémi Bonin
cégep de Saint-Laurent

By: #1976

A park comprised of three buildings where the interior and exterior is mixed in a way that you always feel inside and outside simultaneously. The goal is to bring the environment in the center of projects and design. In the winter you feel the coldness, in the summer you feel the hotness, you feel the wind, the rain and the snow. There is a very limited amount of wall to create this sensation.
The Japanese engawa is in the center of inspiration for the project. The classes, workshops, dormitories and exhibition center are all separately enclosed in reeded glass to keep the constant connection to the exterior at all time.


The main building is the creative space. Completely flush to the ground, it is comprised of four elements, the 4 classes, the two workshops, the auditorium and the small cafeteria. All sections are completely independent from one to the others, they are linked by gravel pathways. They are all covered by one elongated roof. Curtains and sliding door made with a linen shades holded by a wooden frames create a lite separation between the interior and the exterior. The goal is to create a outer exhibition with the custom prints made by students. During summer the doors and curtains can be open to let the wind cool the space and during winter they can be closed to create a protection from the cold wind and create a insulation. The roof top is accessible with some stairs and a elevator.

Gravel Wood Glass
(pathways (walls and exterior paneling) (walls)
Floor plan
Floor cut

To create a clash with the modernity shown during the multiple exhibitions the building has a center core made out of stone reminding of the german castles found in the entirety of the country. This center core encloses two stairs and anelevator giving access to the archival room underground and the roof top. The building is closed by sliding glass door giving the ability to create an exterior exhibition when the temperature is warmer.
Floor plan

The dormitory uses, like the main building, a non heated corridor to connect the multiple rooms. To create connection between all the student a social area and a kitchen is in direct connection to the sleeping area. The shared room are where the students sleep, they countain five bed each. The guests have each individual room. There are also toilets, showers and a laundry room. The non insulating wall separating the corridor from the outside is simply some pane of reeded glass covered by horizontal wood lamella.
Floor cut
Floor cuts
Floor plan

The three gardens are what brings together the concept. Inspired by essentials of designs the gardens are made to bring happiness, privacy an attention. The first garden is the garden of color showing the importance of color in design. This garden contains the different poppies, the classic red poppy, threchallenging blue poppy and the joyful orange poppy. Together the poppies are bringing joy to the students every morning. The second garden is the shade garden, showing the importance of shade and dark in design. The dense forest brings privacy to the dormitory, act as a sound barrier for the train and covers the exterior tables for the cafe. The third and last garden is the light garden showing the importance of lightening the designs. The tall and light foxtail barley brings focus and attention to the exhibition center.

TEAM TRUITE 2021-04-14

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