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This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2066
Chongqing University
Chongqing University
Chongqing University
Chongqing University
Chongqing University

Nexus between Past and Future Here and There Architecture and Everything

Architecture is the almanac of the world, and when songs and legends have been silenced, it still speaks. ——Gogol-Anovskii

Once, the Bauhaus broke the boundary between teaching and practice and achieved a new unity between art and technology, making modern design gradually move from idealism to realism and becoming synonymous with the modernist style. Master Gropius wanted to establish a design utopia, he advocated ‘injecting soul into dead mechanical products’ and believed that design must keep up with the times. In the past, Bauhaus was more like a bond, a communication bond, a design bond, a human bond.

The reborn Bauhaus is no longer just a traditional university. It renews itself with the help of competitions, and its freely customizable dormitories and AI anthropomorphic algorithms keep it always attractive. The new campus is freer and more open. Its audience is not only designers, if you like design, you can find your own side of the world here. It is a school for the future that is truly in line with Mr. Gropius’ dream of a design utopia that travels through time and belongs to everyone who loves design.

Eternal vanguard
How to do it: Constantly update the building through competition to keep it on the cutting edge and pioneer.
Every once in a while, a design competiton is held to address current urban (social) problems. To solve practical problems as the orientation, keep Bauhaus teachers and students to the social progress of the problems of high attention and thinking. The winning entry will be actually constructed.
The physical construction process will be part of the teaching curriculum for teachers and students of the school. New technology is used for practical construction, so that the cutting-edge theory and social hot issues are combined, while the theory and practice are highly combined. And the finished product at any time holographic projection displayed in the surrounding citizens.
When the finished products are put into the city, they will be involved in solving social problems. Taking the problem as the evaluate this design and give feedback and guide the next design competition.
Customisable modules
Optional life modules
Dormitories are assembled in 3m square modules for easy assembly and transportation.
The basic modules are combined with different functions to form a number of optional living units that can be freely customized by the occupants according to their preferences and living habits.
Organizational Order
The first floor plan is divided into several independent small units with horizontal traffic space left, and each small unit contains independent vertical traffic.
Living Unit
In this day and age, with highly developed information technology and open-mindedness, the creation of people’s lives here is an exhibit in itself. In our vision for the dormitory, we abandoned the traditional approach to design and took the dormitory as the basic unit and expanded various functions around it such as dining, meeting, and mini-theater, so that each person’s personality can be fully displayed and the school building can be turned into a real community.
Factory Unit
The first floor is the model making area, the second is the processing workshop, and the third is the model display area, using small square boxes to form a rich space.

Diverse interactions
A schoole for the world and for schools of the past, present and future:
The students whoever wants to learn design can join the study in school. The current designers from all over the world, through a specific account and 3D projection-tec, who can explain their architectural work in a holographic projection.
Allow them to interact between virtuality and virtuality, virtuality and reality or reality.
Schoole life Learn drawing Eat Share life Complete folio
Know news Request intern Learn Design
Learn mind Hear story Ask for opinion Business talk Project information Cooperation request
Talk own mind Hear character opinion Virtual project Unhappened facts
Have an architects’ talk

Scene play
Dr. Jessica Visiting professor 42ys
9:00am Have Breakfast with Mr.Mies Discuss about the new projects in Dessau.
9:40am Enter the School Greeting with Mr. Foster who coming to see the exhbi.
10:10am Mr. Aravena is checking his new models here
3:00pm Leave among the Ting-tong
5:00pm New modified asphalt 1:1 model is under construction. Mr Ingels are ready with it. Maybe I can also use the material in the Unber practice project.
Tony Students at school 23ys
3:00am Mr Tange is teaching the construction methods of old time.
8:00am Mrs Sejima is teaching us the differences between East and West. It’s useful for the next residential competition in Malaysia Forest.
9:00am Have lecture with mentors.
2:30pm Make the 1:20 models for the latest competition.
4:30pm Time to join the team-cooperation of New modified asphalt 1:1 model.
Family Blume Residents
10:20am Go to the ring! There is something under construction with a lot of people who are in blue and yellow.
10:15am Watch the object they are building. This building is bigger and more beautiful than the last one.
11:00am Hang over the campus. The underground area is showing the different products in 3d projection forms.
11:40am Take a photo of family. The campus is full of the smell of construction, and I can feel the passion and persistence of these students and teachers for design.
11:50am Take a photo of family. Residents in the surrounding area seem to joined here to see what the new thing going to be ……
12:10pm Ready to leave

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