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This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2399
Nefise Çoban
Izmir Institute of Technology
Gizem Bilgili
Izmir Institute of Technology

Bauhaus Campus of Rebirth

What is Bauhaus from our view?

Bauhaus was one of the first concepts we heard at the beginning of our architectural life, and this concept was a criticism and rebirth against the architecture of the period. As architecture is a part of our life, we heard more about the Bauhaus concept and we took it as a guide in our own education. With the experiences we have gained here, we approached architecture as a whole and adopted that it is always open to criticism and in a variable form. Bauhaus was for us to discover and create architecture together. Although years have passed since its emergence, it has kept its
and has made us aim to draw our point of view to different points and reconsider with each passing day with the principle of lifelong learning.

Today’s criticism;

When we look at the current situation with the architectural understanding that Bauhaus has brought to us, we are face to face with one-off designed structures all over the world. Designs that are not thought of as a holistic and designs that far away from uniqueness gain a new place in our cities day by day. These designs, which do not suit with the main architectural ethics, with their trading-oriented processes away from the needs of the environment and people, every day imprison us in an environment where the lifestyle becomes nonfunctional and inflexible. Against this existing situation, we should accept the necessity of new solutions, aim to the development in architecture and say stop to commodification where architecture goes.



When we think of all this about today’s architecture, the rebirth in architecture has been fundamental for us, just as the idea of ​​Bauhaus was born and radically changed architecture in its own period.


So what does rebirth in architecture feed on?

  • Architecture is based on past knowledge,
  • Architecture is fed by different ideas,
  • Architecture progresses with the addition of new ideas,
  • Architecture develops by experience,
  • Architecture designs the new in the most accurate way,
  • These are all principles that form the body of rebirth.


The main function that forms the body of the project is the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall presents the final version of ideas into action and creates a living corridor that experiences the space from the root to the end. The auditorium, workshops, classrooms, cafes and dormitories, which are attached to this body, feed the root and provide the formation of ideas. The whole of this system is the representation of rebirth.

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