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This project was awarded an Honorable Mention by the jury of the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition. Registration ID #2193
Choy Joseph Jan Yip
The University of Hong Kong
Chan Chun Hei Jason
The University of Hong Kong
Chen Yushan
The University of Hong Kong
Fan Ka Mak
The University of Hong Kong

Volume-wall-volume. A wall as a void, that houses ramps that become the main circulation of the campus and also creates an opportunity to spark formal and informal interactions. Forms have their specific functions, but when connected via the ramps, their functions overlap. The campus penetrates the urban context and creates a dialogue with the city. A huge window that frames its surrounding for the passers-by. This is an attempt to reinvent the campus, not only it houses professionals and facilities to educate. But the campus itself is a tool to educate. From the way to see the world, to the way people interact with one another.

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