Hello Furkan!

It’s great that you are thinking about these things, and we look forward to seeing what advice other participants might have. We also recommend that you watch the presentation Q&A we did with learn upstairs.

As for this particular competition, we know many of you guys are participating in a competition for the first time, so we are going to be flexible when it comes to rookie mistakes and won’t disqualify anyone for honest mistakes on their boards.

That being said, some things that are usually important when submitting your presentation to a competition are:

  • Check if there’s a list of required graphic elements you need to submit (like floorplan, sections, etc.) and make sure you have them all.
  • Check which language should your text be in.
  • Check how does your board need to be identified.

Checking those will ensure that you comply with the minimum requirements, but once you’ve checked those boxes you need to make sure your board stands out. At this stage you should be asking yourself at least some of these questions:

  • Is my board visually appealing/catchy?
  • Is my board easy to understand? Is there enough hierarchy?
  • Is my board highlighting the most important aspects of my project? Is it transmitting its main concept/identity?
  • Is very drawing on my board adding valuable information? (you don’t want to add more drawings just because).

Anyways, these are, in our opinion, a few boxes to check when working on your presentation board. Hope this helps! 😉