Hello Nidhi,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. It really depends on the software you are using, that is why we included the visual scale. Using the visual scale you can scale the drawing in your software so that you can then extract any measures you might need from the drawing.

Once again every software is slightly different, but knowing that each block in the visual scale is 250 meters, you can select all the drawing (including the visual scale) and make it larger/smaller until the visual scale matches your software units. Once you resized the vector lines to the point where your software reads each block of the visual scale as being 250 meters, you can then extract any other measurement from the drawing.

That being said, this is an ideas competition, with limited presentation space, and although of course the site’s dimensions have to be considered, the jury will be looking at the general concept of your design, the relationship of your building/s with the surroundings, etc. but not whether or not you are a meter off.