We are sorry to hear you are having problems with the submission. If your registration ID does not show up on the submissions list that means we did not get it and you must reupload it.

We have received a good number of submissions today, so we are confident that the submission form is working fine, at least in most cases.

Please try following these steps to help us isolate the problem:

  • Try adding only your text (no images) and save your project.
  • Make sure that your files are all .JPG or .PNG and under 16MB for the full board or 8MB for the single files. In both cases they files should be less than 9050px on either side.
  • If uploading the text worked and the text is saved then try to upload the single images one at a time next. Select one image, click save, select another, save, etc.

In most cases this will solve any upload problems due to slow internet connections or a lot of teams trying to submit at the same time..

Remember that if your file size and/or weight exceed the maximum allowed (which are indicated in the submission form) uploading the files one by one will not solve the problem and you’ll need to first resize them to meet the required specs.

Please let us know the result of the above test so that you we can assist you further.