Hello Lauren,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your situation.

As long as you are currently a student (which you just said you are) and your first bachelor degree wasn’t architecture, you are welcome to participate in the competition.

The competition is designed for architecture students and in most cases, like you said, that means younger first-time students. However, the spirit of the competition is not so much about age as it is about experience. To give you an example, if a lawyer decided to go back to school to study architecture for the first time at age 50, her or she would definitely be welcome to join.

As for bringing other disciplines into the competition, that is something we encourage and love to see. We know there are some interior design students and civil engineers who have already registered, we believe a film making team too, and in past competition we’ve even seen comic artist join and do very well!

Hope this answers your questions 🙂

The arkitekturo team