Hi @Jezim,

Including text on the presentation boards was totally optional. The brief did not require or limit the amount of text that could be included in the presentation. Some teams decided not to include any text, and that’s ok, as long as their projects could be understood through their drawings and other graphic elements there’s no reason why they could not be awarded. As a matter of fact, architecture is a highly visual language, and it is possible to tell a story and represent an idea without the need for words.

As for language, this matter was widely discussed on the forums through the competition and the answer was always the same. We encourage everyone to use English for three main reasons. 1. To be sure the jury understood your presentation. 2. To maximize the chances of other participants understanding a project and 3. To increases the chances of architecture magazines and media publishing your work. However, we also said that no project would be disqualified for using a language different than English.