John Rafael Page

Shall the Bauhaus follow the traditional form or be reinvented as a new paradigm?
– For me, the traditional form and elements of Bauhaus should be applied in the new Bauhaus campus. Reinventing new ideas with a glimpse of what Walter Gropius have done before is one of the best way to create a modern Bauhaus school. The original concept must be remain but let’s try to think of another recipe to make it more powerful.

If the Bauhaus shall follow the traditional form, how could it adapt to the present time and context? If the Bauhaus shall be reinvented as a new paradigm, how should be it be conceived as a legacy of the old Bauhaus school?
– The traditional Bauhaus is still reliable when it comes to the design and function. As a matter of fact, designs on buildings, posters, market ads, etc. as of this day was an impact from the influence of Bauhaus. If it will be reinvented this will follow to goal of Walter Gropius to think ahead and make a unique way that will be different from the general ideas.