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Dario Alonso Ablan Sanglade
Universidad Politecnica De Valencia
Martina Manuela Martina Garzon
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
Friederike Motzkus
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Rebecca Steinbach
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

In honor to the work of Mies van der Rohe and his hole collection the new Mies Library is going to create a new space to present and celebrate the architectural pieces of him right next to the Crown Hall and the Paul V. Galvin Library on the IIT Campus in Chigago, Mies developed the masterplan for.

The New Mies Library is a synthesis out of the interpretation of the floorplans and structures of buildings of Mies and following new architectural designing forms and types of libraries. The past is shown in the future.

The collection of the material has the same objective. Therefore, the structure is out of dark grey steel, combined with marble walls in the style of Mies. For more sustainability the façade is protected by a brise soleil out of cherry wood, which is important for the conditions of the light to protect the collection of the books. The wood texture repeats itself in the interior flooring.

It is not going to be just a space for architectural students, the aim is to show this specific world and making it more understandable to everyone. The visitors are offered a cafeteria where you can exchange ideas and have a first look into the main pieces of Mies. If you then want to dip into the Mies world even more, you are offered the main library and the Mies Library on different floors.

An open building to honor, to teach, to learn and to exchange, maybe the location for a magnificent new idea!


  1. Location

The building is located next to the Siegel Hall, the Paul V. Galvin Library and right in between the McCormick Tribune Campus Center and the famous Crown Hall. The rectangle form is given by the analysis of the campus plan. To refer to the Crown Hall but at the same time keep a respectful distance and obtain the existing trees the building found its final placement.

  1. Orientation

To welcome the visitors and show more transparency in every direction of the building, the ground floor is set with a glass façade. To achieve a flighting atmosphere there is a cantilever on the top floor. The brie soleil as the façade of the top floor, is increasing the flying effect and controlling the sunlight into the building.

  1. Heart

The heart of the building is a large atrium which connects the top floor with the basement. The curved glass roof assures perfect lighting as well as it offers the students attractive working space on the basement floor.

  1. Fluency

The floor plans act fluent around the heart, the atrium. There is a minimum of walls set to let the bookshelves creating different spaces and cause a fluid feeling of space.

  1. Structure

The main structure is based on an interpretation of the buildings of Mies. The dark grey steel structure can be seen from the outside. The core and the ceilings ensure the rigidity of the building. The floor plan is evolved from the 9mx9m grid of the pillars.

  1. Organization

The main library is organized on all three floors around the atrium. The auditorium is located on the ground floor and offers stairs with seats. A perfect view to the Crown Hall is offering the research station in the Mies Library on the 1st floor. Besides the main working area at the basement there can be found different working areas all over the library.

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