Bauhaus Campus Design by Liujunxiong

This project was submited to the Bauhaus Campus 2021 competition with Registration ID #2086
Junxiong Liu
Nanchang University

At a time when the Bauhaus has long been a landmark in the design world, the new Bauhaus Campus needs to present the spirit and principles of design in a more open and inclusive manner, embracing students, citizens, and visitors to the city. At once a rave place for Bauhaus teachers and students, and a public space where anyone can participate, it will become one of the liveliest and most attractive art districts in the city, both lively and imaginative. The basic shapes of triangle, circle and rectangle are selected as the shapes of the buildings to form different boxes, and these small boxes are arranged and combined according to their functions. The large roof provides shelter from the wind and rain, and the open plaza and exhibition hall below provides ample public space for students or residents to apply for a rental to host a fashion show, film festival, concert or other major event. Stacked small boxes are gathered in one corner to form a progressive L-shaped space that separates visitors from students and provides a private and public space where teachers and students can conduct teaching activities.

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